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Listening Session Questions

The ENVISION Hampton Roads process began step 1 with identifying Regional Values and as a result of this process the Hampton Roads Values and Aspiration Report was established.  The methodology used in establishing this report included a series of public listening sessions and a region wide statistical survey.  During each listening session participates were asked the following 5 questions:      

1.    What community values or characteristics do you think have historically best defined our Hampton Roads region? (Positive, aspirational community values)

2.    Do any of the community values or characteristics you listed above set Hampton Roads apart from other communities – other parts of the county?

3.    What community values or characteristics would you like Hampton Roads to be more associated with in the future?

4.    Of all the values listed today, what are the top 3-5 most worth protecting in Hampton Roads – the values that demonstrate or could demonstrate our “best self” as a region?

5.    Do you have any questions or input (advice) about the ENVISION Hampton Roads planning process?


View the Hampton Roads Values and Aspiration Report, CLICK HERE


Public Vision Session

The ENVISION Hampton Roads process continued step 1 with HRPDC hosting a series of region wide Vision Sessions to identify the Regions guiding vision principles.  During each of the Vision Sessions participants were asked the following 2 questions:

  1. What does the region look like within the next 30 years?
  2. Draft 3-5 regional achievement you would like to see accomplished over the next 30 years?

As a result of the Vision Sessions the following 7 guiding vision principles were established:  Education & Training; Environmental Awareness; Equality; Healthy Lifestyles; Jobs; Nice Neighborhoods; & Transportation.  Currently, HRPDC is in the process of surveying the Region to ensure that the 7 Vision Principles are correct.


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