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About Envision Hampton Roads

The Hampton Roads Planning District Commission (HRPDC) has embarked on an effort to develop Hampton Roads’ first Community-based Regional Strategic Plan entitled, ENVISION Hampton Roads.    This innovative approach to planning will give the residents of Hampton Roads the right to set the course for their community’s future.   ENVISION Hampton Roads will use interviews, mapping exercises, surveys and other means to hear from residents and use that information to present different community scenarios based on the information gathered. This process will allow residents to react to the scenarios and choose the future that best matches their vision.  The goal of ENVISION Hampton Roads is to engage residents to participate in the establishment of a shared Regional Vision that ultimately creates a blueprint for the Region’s future that leads to Hampton Roads being a great place to live, work, play, learn, and visit.

Project Overview

ENVISION Hampton Roads builds on the Urban Land Institute’s Reality Check Hampton Roads and several other past and current conversations regarding regional planning in Hampton Roads.  Although the project is in the first phase, ENVISION Hampton Roads has already had an enormous impact on the Regions.  HRPDC has successfully built an ENVISION Hampton Roads stakeholders group whose role is to guide the planning process.    In building the stakeholder group, HRPDC followed a 5 step process which consisted of preparing for stakeholder engagement, identifying potential stakeholders, prioritizing the list of stakeholders, considering potential stakeholders’ motivations for participating, and selecting a stakeholder engagement strategy.  The Stakeholders’ consist of a diverse group of Hampton Roads Residents, as well as, Federal, State, Regional, Local, & Community based Agencies & Organizations. 

HRPDC along with the ENVISON Hampton Roads Stakeholders has successfully developed the ENVISION Hampton Roads action plan.  The action plan includes the following 4-Step Community based planning approach: Identify Regional Values & Establish Vision Principles; Formulate Actions around each Vision Principle; Identify Funding & Prioritize Actions; & Implement & Monitor Results.  In the development of ENVISON Hampton Roads, public listening sessions, a region wide scientific survey and public vision sessions helped develop the Hampton Roads Values and Aspiration report and established the Region’s 7 Vision Principles.  The 7 Vision Principles include:  Education & Training; Environmental Awareness; Equality; Healthy Lifestyles; Jobs; Nice Neighborhoods; & Transportation.  Currently, HRPDC is in the process of surveying the Region to ensure that the 7 Vision Principles are correct.